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Game Design  |  Unity Game Development  |  2D Illustration


Use "WSAD" for basic moving and "SPACE" for jumping(double jump)!

Press the "Stop" button at the bottom right corner when you want to quit the game!

Each level will have an introduction UI at the beginning to teach players how to make it through!

About the project

About the project

The Freewill of Life is a 2D platform game with three different levels illustrating three ideological statuses of life: being the beginning of life(inside the womb), the underworld seeking reincarnation, and getting into the human world. The three stages make into a game loop: as a tiny life form, you are lucky to be born and arrive human world, or you could be sent to the underworld and seek your chance to be reborn; as a life living in the real world, you work hard, make friends and chase your dream until the final stage of your life; Then, you are back to the beginning of the process again. The game can become a never-ending loop unless the player presses the "stop button" manually. By arriving at the exit located at each level, players will proceed to different worlds. 

The player character designed here is a fire-like "soul,"  rigged and animated with Idle, Run, and Jump states. The character also has different facial expressions in different behavior statuses. The character is colored differently at different levels, suggesting the mood and condition. We designed our levels, or in other words,  proposed stages of life are ranged into three different hard levels. It may not start with the easiest one, and the reason is that we want the players to try themselves and guess what we might mean by that based on our design background. Site: 

Teammates: Sarita Sun, Jiayue Gou, Zhijun Song



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