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the ever-longing souls


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Plato 1 Cover.jpg


This is an experimental project challenging me to work with a different subject with a completely different way of thinking process from design. I chose philosophy, and my goal was to transform such a subject into something fashionable through learning the subject and researching its thinking process. Transforming words into 2D and then into 3D is really interesting and challenging.

This collection is based on Plato's hypothesis of love in the Symposium. I created an androgynous collection inspired by Plato's theory that gender does not limit nor define love. I really enjoyed the design process of this collection as I bridged across subjects, and it sparked interesting design.

Portfolio Pages

Design & Making Process

Plato 1 Cover.jpg
Plato 2 Intro.jpg
Plato 3 Mindmap.jpg
Plato 4 design.jpg
Plato 6.jpg
Plato 5.jpg
Plato 7.jpg
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