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My skin, my blood, my vein


Fashion Design  |  Portfolio Design  |  Draping  |  Sewing  |  Photoshooting

Skin Final Line up.jpg


This project is about my journey of overcoming my fear of the blood-drawing process. As a designer, I'm always fascinated with the beauty within objects, even from things that are usually considered unflattering. 

Through this project, I tried to overcome some of my biggest fear through the design and making process. By examining it, I become more knowledgeable about it and thus mentally overcome my fear.​

Design & Making Process

Design & Making Process

My design process is included in my collection portfolio:

Skin 1 cover.jpg
Skin 3.jpg
Skin 5.jpg
Skin 4.jpg
Skin 6.jpg
Skin 7.jpg
Skin 8.jpg
Skin Final Line up.jpg


25. Lookbook 1.jpg

Designer: Grace(Qiaochu) Guo
Photographer: Grace(Qiaochu) Guo
Model: Yuhan Liu

26. Lookbook 2.jpg
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