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- Meaningful Design Manifesto -

Every day, we are surrounded by thousands of voices, yet selecting the correct ones has become significantly more challenging. I've always believed that the meanings behind designs are crucial. For my aspiration of meaningful design to prevail, here are the voices that I challenge myself to listen to for any project in this realm:

1. Hear our own voice

Designers should have the courage to challenge the status quo, the eyes to see through authorities and regulations, and the valor to take it into action.

2. Hear those in need

Designers should be able to identify the voices of those in need, retain critical thinking, and target the root of issues.

3. Hear those who struggle to make a voice

Designers should be vigilant for people who struggle to make a voice and seek to redistribute social attention, citizen empowerment, and equity.

4. Hear the community

Designers should not ignore people concerning their social community, designing for a broader context of systems.

5. Hear all sides of the story

Designers should be open to the multifacetedness of the subject matter and develop sufficient knowledge priorly.  

6. Hear mother Earth

Designers should aim to practice sustainability in both the deliverables and business models and further impact society.

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