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Cinema 4D  |  3D Modeling  |  Octane Renderer  |  X Particles

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Demetera International Film Festival - 2022.png

Animated short officially selected by Demetera International Film Festival.
Paris, March 30~31, 2022

About the project

About the project

This is a personal project I created during my leisure time, further exploring the techniques of 3D modeling, octane renderer, x particles, and motion design in Cinema 4D.

When creating this project, I simultaneously learned coding skills(also influenced by the concept of cyberpunk), and I began to imagine the relationship between humans and technology. I believe technology has already begun to modify human behaviors. Behaviors such as waking up and the first thing that come into mind might be picking up the phone, which has become instinctual to a large number of people. To what extent will our behavior be modified or even controlled by technology in the future. Are humans really following their minds or lines of commands that have been programmed into our lives? 

Under such imagination, this project was created, imagining to what extent can the line between human and machine, free will and execution code, and our mind and machine commands be blurred.

Scene Renders

Scene renders

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